Features to Look For in a Commercial Skip Bin Hire

A commercial skip bin hire can help you during a renovation or major cleaning project; not only can you have your rubbish hauled away quickly and easily, but you can also keep your jobsite neater and safer when you have a bin to hold all your debris. If you've never arranged a commercial bin hire before, you want to keep a few features in mind so you ensure you get the right type and don't cause damage. Note the following.

1. Indoor versus outdoor use

Most skip bins will be weather resistant and appropriate for either indoor or outdoor storage, but it's still good to ask about this, especially if you're renting a smaller skip bin. Some might be made for use in an office so they have smaller wheels that won't tear up carpeting but which are not a good choice for use on pavement.

An outdoor skip bin might also be better if it has a lid, so you can close it when not in use and keep critters from burrowing into your rubbish and making a mess. This will also ensure nothing blows away or rainwater doesn't collect in your bin and also make a mess.

2. General waste versus recycling

If you get a skip bin for recyclable items, you'll want to keep general waste out of this bin and also note if the bin is designated for certain materials. If you add bottles to a bin meant for paper, you might face an additional sorting fee when the bin is collected. Some bins might be marked for combined waste, meaning you can put all recyclable materials into the one bin, or some might be available for combined general waste and recyclable waste, but be sure you understand this before you start filling your bin.

3. Restrictions

Very often, there are restrictions as to what you can put into a bin; typically, a company will not accept batteries of any sort, liquids, hazardous materials including asbestos, and the like. Along with a list of restricted items, note if there are weight restrictions as well. If you plan on tossing out bricks and roofing tiles from a home renovation, this excess weight might break the casters or tear a lightweight bin. Invest in a bin that can hold the volume of the rubbish you may create along with the weight so you don't damage it and need to pay added fees or lose a costly deposit.