Skip Hire: 4 Smart Strategies To Load A Skin Bin

If you're undertaking a major home renovation or simply cleaning out years of junk, skip hire will come in handy to help you get rid of your stuff more easily. While skip bins can usually take several items at once, placing them correctly will help you optimise the way you use precious skip bin space. If you're planning skip bin hire, here are some smart strategies to load it. 

Don't Overfill The Skip Bin

Keep in mind that overfilling a skip bin may result in a company charging you an additional fee for re-loading the bin. Alternatively, the skip hire company won't be able to pick up the bin at all when it is overloaded because they won't be able to cover it properly in transit. The top line or rim of the skip bin is your limit because any overloads may result in you breaking occupational health and safety legislations. Your skip hire company will incur a fine from the government if caught with overloaded bins, so they are unlikely to transport your hired bin if it is too full.

Lay Down Flat Items First Before Bulky Items

The best thing you can do to optimise space in a skip bin is to load all flat items first. This includes items like old tabletops, glasspanes and cabinet doors without handles. Once you have laid down these flat objects along the base of the skip bin, you can follow it up with bulkier items like furniture, tables, chairs, washing machines, refrigerators and white goods. If possible, crush or break up any bulky furniture items before placing it inside the skip bin. This will help you better utilise the space inside the skip bin.

Avoid Putting Recyclable Items Into The Skip Bin

Most Australian local councils offer recycling bins for every home or apartment complex, so you should ideally take advantage of this free service to get rid of any recyclable items from your home. Recyclable items include milk cartons, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, glass, plastic bottles, wine bottles, books, CD cases and disposal plates. By using this free council service, you will optimise the space in your skip bin by putting it to better use.

Store The Bin Inside Your Property While Loading

If possible, store the skip bin inside your property instead of leaving it on the street. This will minimise the chance of other people using your skip bin to dispose their own trash while they walk past your home. If you cannot store the skip bin inside your property, get a friend or family member to supervise it while loading to prevent unwanted donations.  

Follow these smart skip hire tips to maximise the value you get from loading your bin correctly.