Handy rubbish and recycling tips for seniors

Bin day can be an annoying chore for the fit and young, but when you're elderly, it can become a real challenge. To help you dispose of your waste without distress, take a look at these helpful rubbish and recycling tips for seniors.

Get a hand on bin day

If you have mobility issues, or you're simply not as strong as you once were, you may find that bin collection day is a struggle. Lugging a heavy wheelie bin to the kerbside and back may be a level of physical exertion you no longer need. If this is the case, consider asking a friendly neighbour or family member for assistance on bin day. Alternatively, contact your local council for details about homecare facilities in your area who offer help on bin day.

Know what's recyclable

Another challenge for residential rubbish collection is knowing what you can and can't put in your recycling bin. Each council and rubbish service differs slightly with what they will accept and the strictness of rules, so if you are unsure, contact your local council for a comprehensive list. As a general guideline, take a look at this helpful graphic from Manly Council.

As bin collection service usually won't accept plastic checkout bags, these and other soft plastics can be recycled via REDcycle- find a convenient local drop-off point by searching by suburb or postcode here. For larger household items that you want to dispose of, such as broken furniture and old or broken appliances, consider contacting your local Men's Shed- they may be able to turn your trash into treasure. Some supermarkets and businesses offer a free battery recycling service- find a location your local area using Planet Ark's Recycling Near You search engine or contact them on 1300 733 712.

Set yourself up for ease

Having a well-established and easy-to-maintain system in your home for rubbish disposal will help you stay in control and prevent extra work on bin day. Consider having a smaller-sized bin for containers, paper and normal household waste, and empty them every couple of days to avoid heavy lifting. Using a benchtop compost tub for your food scraps is a great way to encourage green waste recycling in the kitchen, while making it convenient to empty regularly. If you have troubles bending, gripping or lifting, tailor your rubbish and recycling system to suit your personal needs.

For more information and assistance with your rubbish collection service, contact your local council or recycling centre today.