How to Turn Rubbish Removal into a Fun Communual Activity.

Rubbish poses a significant risk to the environment, human and animal health. Further, it destroys the natural beauty of the surroundings. Most rubbish management is either done by local councils or garbage collection companies. However, rubbish removal can also be done by the local community. When correctly planned and done, the activity provides an opportunity for members to interact and have fun away from their busy schedules, therefore, promoting cohesiveness. It is also an opportunity for parents to teach their children essential values such as responsibility.

If you would like to conduct rubbish removal from a community level, below is a short guide that will help you. 

Public awareness.

The primary aim of creating public awareness is to inspire members of your community to take up action. Besides informing them of the problem at hand, you have to show them the possibilities that exist once you have a clean environment. For instance, garbage sites could be turned into community parks.

Planning rubbish removal.

The next stage is planning how the waste will be collected. Call for a forum to discuss how household rubbish will move from the household to the disposal site. In the meeting, determine what methods you will use to dispose of the waste. You can either set aside a particular area to serve as a landfill or use incineration to reduce the size of the garbage.


Recycling is an essential element of the process as it will significantly reduce the amount of household rubbish. Encourage members to reuse plastics. Moreover, you can decide to create a social enterprise that reuses plastic bottles, glass containers and other reusable waste. For instance, plastic bottles can be used in art, interior design and agriculture. You can also start a small plastic recycling facility.  


Elect leaders to oversee each rubbish removal activity. Leadership should be democratic and on a rotational basis.

Creating a program.

Designate specific days for rubbish removal activities. Assign roles to each household so everyone plays a part. You should also set a day to clean the neighbourhood and conduct other activities, such as beautification of parks and other community areas. Decide on specific days in the year calendar when you will meet to re-strategise and evaluate the effectiveness of the activities.

People are increasingly losing touch with each other and their environment. Community rubbish removal is an excellent way to bring members of a community together. With proper planning, the activity can give birth to a community based social enterprise. However, opting for professional rubbish removal is also a good idea.