Are You Planning a Renovation Project? 3 Useful Tips on Managing Waste From the Project

Home renovation projects have phases. The first phase is demolition, where you bring down walls and other structures that you wish to reconstruct or replace. The second is the reconstruction phase, which involves enlarging spaces, putting new fixtures in place, and painting. Both parts of the process involve a lot of waste, and without proper waste removal systems, you can accumulate a lot of dirt. Therefore, it is advisable to put in place functional waste management processes before you start your project. Here are three great tips that can help you properly manage the waste.

1. Have a Garage Sale Before the Project

Hiring a skip bin might cost a lot of money. If you do not devise ways to manage the waste beforehand, you might end up with a massive garbage disposal bill that you cannot handle. Therefore, consider selling and giving out some of your items. You can organise a sale before hiring the rental. If you feel that people might not buy your old items, consider giving some away to charity. You have as little clutter as possible to manage by the time you rent the skip bin.

2. Contact  a Skip Bin Rental Company

The first step in your process should be contacting a skip bin rental company. You will have high volumes of renovation waste to manage, and you need to rent a large bin to contain the waste. Aim for a skip whose capacity will make it easy to hold waste for the entire renovation project.

One of the easy ways to choose the right bin size is by calling the rental company and describing the parameters of your project to them. They will recommend the number of cubic metres suitable for your project.

3. Understand the Regulations of Using the Skip Bin

The other crucial thing to remember is that skip bin rental companies often have strict regulations on how you can use their rental bins. For example, certain types of wastes like paint, human waste, pressurised cans, and flammable items are not allowed inside the bin because they pose a health and environmental risk. Learning the rules and regulations of using the rentals can help avoid fines from the rental company.

Managing renovation waste is all about preparation. Also, you will have and stress-free process when you get a professional waste removal company to help you organise and dispose of the waste in the right landfills. Contact a local waste removal company to learn more.