4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Consider When Handling Residential Trash Removal

Have you been bagging your kitchen garbage and dumping it in the trash collection bin? Residential waste removal involves much more than that. Every homeowner must take residential waste removal with the ultimate seriousness it deserves. The following are essential tips to handle your residential waste removal in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

Sort Your Residential Trash Accordingly 

When removing your residential trash, ensure you sort recyclable materials from the rest of the garbage. Consider separating things like plastics, glass and cardboard you can recycle into valuable products. To have an easier time doing this, invest in a couple of bins to handle biodegradable garbage and recyclable trash. Separating different garbage types will facilitate efficient waste removal and promote environmental safety. 

Observe Proper Use of Garbage Can Space

After disposing of your residential trash, ensure that the trash container's cover is closed tightly. If your home produces large quantities of garbage that can't fit in your standard trash can, invest in a backup disposal alternative. For instance, you can purchase several trash bags for additional storage space. By doing this, you'll be using your garbage can space prudently. 

Purchase or Rent a Dumpster 

Another environmentally friendlier way to handle your residential trash is investing in a dumpster. Dumpsters come in handy when performing routine cleaning or relocating to a newer house. You might realise that all the garbage and items you need to dispose of don't fit in your regular trash bin. Thus, renting a dumpster can be an excellent way to collect and remove your trash. Often rental companies will allow you to keep the dumpster for a specific agreed time to manage your garbage effectively. 

Get Your Trash Out Earlier 

During the trash collection day, consider removing your household trash earlier than the night before. If you don't do this, more garbage will pile up in your house and risk your family's health until the pickup truck comes around to collect it, probably in a week. Besides, you don't want to get into bad terms with the garbage collection firm, which might result in hefty fines for failing to remove your trash. Generally, trash collection happens almost on the same day every week, giving you the flexibility to prepare adequately. 


Consider these four environmentally friendly tips when dealing with residential garbage removal. Proper waste management is critical for environmental conservation and preservation. Thus, you'll have played an essential role in encouraging environmentally friendly garbage collection efforts and a safer neighbourhood.