How to Turn Rubbish Removal into a Fun Communual Activity.

Rubbish poses a significant risk to the environment, human and animal health. Further, it destroys the natural beauty of the surroundings. Most rubbish management is either done by local councils or garbage collection companies. However, rubbish removal can also be done by the local community. When correctly planned and done, the activity provides an opportunity for members to interact and have fun away from their busy schedules, therefore, promoting cohesiveness. It is also an opportunity for parents to teach their children essential values such as responsibility. Read More 

How to Stay Safe When Using a Bobcat to Remove a Pile of Garbage

If you have decided to opt for a bobcat hire so you can move a large quantity of garbage from your property, it is vital that you understand the risks of using this heavy equipment and the steps you can take to minimise the chance that something will go wrong. Below is a guide which will help you to stay safe while using a hired bobcat to move trash. Be aware that garbage can be unstable Read More 

Handy rubbish and recycling tips for seniors

Bin day can be an annoying chore for the fit and young, but when you're elderly, it can become a real challenge. To help you dispose of your waste without distress, take a look at these helpful rubbish and recycling tips for seniors. Get a hand on bin day If you have mobility issues, or you're simply not as strong as you once were, you may find that bin collection day is a struggle. Read More 

Spring Cleanout Tips for Even the Most Stubborn Collector

If you're a stubborn collector, you may not want to wait until spring to actually do a thorough cleaning of the house. Consider that having too many items in your home could be dangerous, as piles of old newspaper and magazines might pose a fire hazard, and stacks of unused items in your home could also block your exit in case of a fire. You might also be encouraging pests to nest in piles of old clothes and linens and allowing mold and mildew to form, all of which are hazardous to your health. Read More 

Skip Hire: 4 Smart Strategies To Load A Skin Bin

If you're undertaking a major home renovation or simply cleaning out years of junk, skip hire will come in handy to help you get rid of your stuff more easily. While skip bins can usually take several items at once, placing them correctly will help you optimise the way you use precious skip bin space. If you're planning skip bin hire, here are some smart strategies to load it.  Don't Overfill The Skip Bin Read More