Are You Planning a Renovation Project? 3 Useful Tips on Managing Waste From the Project

Home renovation projects have phases. The first phase is demolition, where you bring down walls and other structures that you wish to reconstruct or replace. The second is the reconstruction phase, which involves enlarging spaces, putting new fixtures in place, and painting. Both parts of the process involve a lot of waste, and without proper waste removal systems, you can accumulate a lot of dirt. Therefore, it is advisable to put in place functional waste management processes before you start your project. Read More 

Why You Might Need A Special Rubbish Removal

More often than not, the regular waste disposal schedule organised by your local council is more than enough to take care of your weekly rubbish. However, on special occasions, you might need a little more back-up than normal, and that is when a rubbish removal service comes into play. Not only is a rubbish removal contractor faster than a traditional skip bin hire, but they also take a larger variety of waste products, which makes them applicable for nearly every home or business. Read More 

Understanding Clinical Waste For Beginners

Hospitals and clinics are unique in that they have their own form of waste material that cannot be disposed of by regular means. You cannot simply dump medical waste into your regular rubbish collection, as it is often quite contagious due to its origin in a hospital. In the same way, clinics and other smaller medical centres also have to organise a special collection and disposal service to ensure they do not infect anyone with the waste they produce. Read More 

Top 3 Dos And Don’ts Of Proper Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos is rightly classed as a hazardous material. The adverse effects of exposure to this hazardous material are well known. On account of all the potential risks, the handling of asbestos, including asbestos disposal, requires great care and careful attention. Concerning asbestos disposal, here are a few dos and don'ts to bear in mind. It makes no difference whether it is domestic or commercial asbestos waste. 1.    Do Not Use Everyday Bins Read More 

How to Turn Rubbish Removal into a Fun Communual Activity.

Rubbish poses a significant risk to the environment, human and animal health. Further, it destroys the natural beauty of the surroundings. Most rubbish management is either done by local councils or garbage collection companies. However, rubbish removal can also be done by the local community. When correctly planned and done, the activity provides an opportunity for members to interact and have fun away from their busy schedules, therefore, promoting cohesiveness. It is also an opportunity for parents to teach their children essential values such as responsibility. Read More